Provider Resources


Our aim is to optimise outcomes for aesthetic patients while facilitating a streamlined process for the use of our unique product range as an adjunct to your services.

When you register as a Bio-Alai® provider, you and your team will be given access to the Provider Portal where you will find educational content, training and marketing resources as well as our on-line ordering gateway.   This will help you prepare for the smooth and successful introduction of the Bio-Alai® range to your patients. 

Training Resources

We recommend that all staff complete the Bio-Alai® Training Modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Health and Longevity

This module discusses the science of health and longevity, the molecular mechanisms that are the focus of longevity and precision medicine, epigenetics and personalised nutrition and how they relate to aesthetic presentations. Learn about how the Bio-Alai® range leverages these insights to assist the many aesthetic presentations commonly seen in practice.

Module 2: Nutraceuticals and how to implement Bio-Alai® products as an adjunct to your aesthetic offering.  

This module discusses current nutraceutical practices, key active ingredients and what differentiates Bio-Alai® products.  It also explores practical tips such as managing client queries, identifying those who may need nutritional support and how to use our product range to help improve aesthetic outcomes for your patients.

These modules can be accessed via the Provider Portal and completion of these modules establishes your clinic as an Accredited Bio-Alai® Provider.


Marketing Materials

All clinics will receive a Bio-Alai® starter pack with their first order. The pack includes flyers and a poster. Digital versions of these can be downloaded from the portal, along with other resources.

  • POS materials
  • Detailed product information for My Alai™ Multisystem Support
  • Introduction content
  • Bio-Alai® video for your website, reception area and /or social media

Clinics are free to use any educational content on this website for the sole purpose of introducing and implementing Bio-Alai®  products in their practice. Please note that all such intellectual content remains the property of Bio-Alai® and copyright information must be maintained as per the original document or webpage.

As our products are TGA-listed, advertising and claims must comply with guidelines set out by the TGA and our content reflects these regulations.