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Regeneration on cellular level

Streamlined, individualised nutritional solutions

The state of our physiology is reflected in the quality of our skin and hair and in the general function and appearance of our bodies.  Bio-Alai® was  founded from a commitment of healing the body to improve health span and aesthetic outcomes.  Our nutrient formulation and streamlined personalised nutritional plans are based on the principles of longevity medicine, epigenetics and personalised nutrition to address the underlying drivers of ageing, inflammageing and common aesthetic conditions.

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My Alai™ Multisystem Support

My Alai™ Multisystem Support is a TGA-listed complementary medicine formulation that helps support the healthy function of your skin, hair, body and brain.  It contains a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and active compounds that support foundational cellular processes essential for health, and address the mechansims that drive ageing, inflammageing, skin conditions and metabolic disorders. 
A comprehensive formulation that supports vitality and general health and wellbeing.

Personalised Nutrition Plans

Everyone can benefit from a well-designed, personalised nutritional plan. Regardless of your age, health and aesthetic goals or current health status, a Bio-Alai® personalised plan can address your unique physiology to help optimise your health and help you achieve and maintain your goals. When your physiological needs are factored into a plan, it feels effortless and the results are long-term.

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Industry Testimonials


Dr Agnes Warchalowski is not only an expert in understanding the link between health, ageing, lifestyle and nutrients - she is also a wonderful human being motivated by compassion for others. Her ethics and commitment to ongoing research is why I have absolute confidence in the effectiveness of her programs. I have been referring patients to her for many years and have personally trusted her with my health and that of my family - I am forever grateful for her program and advice. My Alai is a perfect adjunct to my services, helping patients take control and optimise their health and well-being.

Ansulette Kay
Cosmetic Physician, Youtful Concepts

Dr Agnes has been a wonderful and knowledgeable colleague. I have leaned on her heavily since knowing her for her compassion and research-heavy instruction, and I not only refer patients but trust her with my health and wellbeing

Dr Olivia Lesslar
Functional Medicine Physician, Lifespan Medicine Australia

I have known Agnes professionally for 12 years. I was recently fortunate enough to complete one of her health programs. It was life-changing; I lost 12 kgs in 6 weeks and have kept it off for over a year. Agnes' programs are effective and easy to follow, with obvious objectives and results. What stands out the most about Agnes is that she is very widely read and passionate about evidence-based practice and treatments. I have confidently recommended many of my clients to participate in her programs.

Dr Rachel Wheeler
Psychologist, The Wellbeing Codes

After personally experiencing the life-changing effects of Dr Agnes’ health programs and supplements, I know that nutrition is the foundation of aesthetics. Dr Agnes is a wealth of research-based knowledge and doesn’t cherry-pick, which is why the My Alai program and her course for health practitioners will
be offered through Grayclay International College of Health

Jacqueline Clayton
Managing Director, Grayclay International College of Health

Dr Agnes' programs have really helped me reset my health and produce life-changing results. Her clinical approach and supplements make all the difference and I honestly feel better at a “cellular” level - like I've never felt tbefore . I have happily referred multiple friends, colleagues and clients to Dr Agnes for their health and weight concerns and have seen them achieve similar success.  I’ve already pre-ordered the My Alai supplement formula and am very excited that I’ll now be able to confidently offer an effective program in my clinic - without all the hard work!”

Nyree Madigan
Cosmetic Nurse Consultant, Advanced Skin Clinic

Dr Agnes consulted in my former businesses and apart from being one of the smartest people I know, her approach is caring, thorough, insightful, and always focussed. I believe her knowledge on health and longevity is second to none. My experience, and that of my clients, were that the protocols not only improve fundamental gut and immune issues, but we also
noticed improvements in hormonal balance, energy levels, skin quality, sleep and mood stability. The outcomes were often life changing, which I why I look forward to offering Dr Agnes’ new program to my clients, family and friends.

Meaghan South
Integrative Nutrition

I completed one of Dr Agnes’ programs and was so happy with the results! On my journey Dr Agnes was a wealth of information. I cannot recommend her more highly. Thank you Dr Agnes! 

Tracey Naylor
Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager

When it comes to health Dr Agnes certainly knows her stuff!! She has been looking after our clients and our staff for 14 years, and what stands out the most is her true passion for helping others optimise their health. I respect her knowledge and trust her because I know how much time she dedicates to research and is always up to date with it. I have personally completed one of her programs with a great outcome and look forward to offering My Alai to our clients. 

Leanne Morris
Managing Director, Harbour Day Spa

I have known Agnes for over 15 years professionally and personally, and in that time I’ve been blown away by her integrity and desire to find helpful solutions for people in the face of a lack of true holistic options for health care. Her basic training and experience in standard medicine have set her up well to integrate her own research and methods into applications for health care in a multifaceted whole person approach that is a rarity in health care today. It’s been a pleasure to watch this process unfold, as her colleague and friend.”

General Practitioner