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Bio-Alai® Clinic Training Modules

These modules form the foundational training for key Bio-Alai providers within the practice. They present the science on which our products are based and detail why they differ from others on the market and how they help clients achieve their aesthetic goals.

Module 1: The Science of Bio-Alai

This module gives you an overview of the science on which Bio-Alai products and personalised nutrition programs are based. You’ll learn about the physiological mechanisms responsible for maintaining health, with a focus on the gut-brain-skin connection and how it works under physiological and pathological conditions to influence health and aesthetic presentations.

Module 2: The Role of Nutrients in Aesthetics.

In this module you'll learn about essential nutrients and compounds and their main roles in supporting cell function. This module also explores the hallmarks of ageing and their relevance to the development of chronic conditions and aesthetic presentations.

Module 3: Bio-Alai Products
 and Case Studies

This module details Bio-Alai® products, their key components and features and how they work in relation to the science and treatment targets presented in modules 1 and 2. You’ll learn about current and emerging science on the key active ingredients in My Alai Multisystem Support and why personalised nutrition is proving to essential for optimising health. Case studies are presented to share the scope of benefits achieved.

Module 4: Implementing Bio-Alai® in the Clinic

This module you’ll learn how to implement Bio-Alai products, current nutraceutical practices and what differentiates Bio-Alai® products. This module also explores practical tips such as managing client queries, identifying those who may need nutritional support and how to use our product range to help improve aesthetic outcomes for your patients.

Clinic Training Slides

Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic setting

An optional practitioners’ course for those who would like to understand the science in greater detail. All Bio-Alai Providers can access the course at a discounted price*.

More information here “Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting”

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