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Your Personalised Framework for Sustained Health

Nutrients in natural foods have potent therapeutic effects on our cells and DNA. Compounds like polyphenols, prebiotics and omega-3 fatty acids reprogram our microbiome and epigenome to regulate healthy immune function, metabolism, brain chemistry and improve the health of every organ and system in the body.

With a Western diet and lifestyle, our cell function and repair mechanisms start to decline, and this is reflected in how we look and feel. With age and during perimenopause, the aging process is accelerated further as the protective effects of estrogen and other youth hormones are lost.

Longevity research is finding that the right diet can restore a healthy microbiome and reprogram the epigenome to switch on repair genes and slow down the ageing process. The key is personalisation because everyone is unique in how their body responds to certain food compounds and nutritional interventions. For some, even certain healthy foods and dietary interventions can disrupt internal balance. This is why two people following the same diet often get very different results. 

Following a diet that works with your physiology promotes cellular homeostasis and benefits across all systems - immune regulation, hormonal balance, metabolic flexibility, and brain function. And these benefits reveal themselves in how well the body and brain function, and in the quality of the skin, hair, and nails.

Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutritional Plans are based on the current science of longevity and nutritional medicine, epigenetics, and precision nutrition. They address the key processes essential for health and longevity and manage the underlying drivers of inflammation, ageing and chronic conditions. Gently guiding the body towards a more balanced state and optimal health.

Experience the benefits of a well-designed personalised nutritional plan

  • Reduced inflammatory symptoms
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Improved tolerance to food
  • Improved focus and brain clarity
  • Restorative sleep
  • Stable blood sugar, energy and mood
  • Improved overall vitality
  • Effortless weight loss
  • Improved skin quality
  • Metabolic flexibility
  • Reduced symptoms of menopause
  • Reduced cravings and hunger
  • Intuitive eating
  • Sustained results

Who can benefit from a Bio-Alai®  Personalised Nutritional Plan?

There are no contraindications to enjoying a healthier diet so everyone can benefit! Each Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutrition Plan is developed to your specific needs so regardless of where your health is at, we have a nutrition plan that’s right for you.

If you:

  • Feel like they need a reset and are ready to address health at its foundations (no more fads).
  • Are struggling with resistant fat and can't lose weight no matter what they do.
  • Regularly experience symptoms of chronic inflammation such as fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, insomnia, low energy, cravings, joint and muscle pain, food intolerances and tinnitus.
  • Are struggling with skin symptoms like rapid skin sensivity, flushing & geing, rashes, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea.
  • Want to address symptoms of perimenopause and menopause or optimise health before the transition begins.
  • Feel like their body and brain aren’t functioning like they used to.
  • Exercise intensely, have a high workload, are under chronic stress or are over-scheduled.
  • Have followed restrictive diets such as the ketogenic,vegan/vegetarian, carnivore, one-meal-a-day, 16:8 fasting, very-low-calorie-diets, meal-replacement shakes or similar plans.
  • Hane not had long-term success with other  health plans.

Register for a Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutrition Plan and never look back.

About the Developer, Dr Agnes Warchalowski

Cosmetic and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner,
Registration No. MED0000978553

Developed by Dr Agnes Warchalowski, a Cosmetic and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, her Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutrition Plans are a culmination of 20 years clinical experience, on-going research, and a passion for improving health span with evidence-based nutritional interventions.

Dr Agnes has presented widely on the topics of nutritional interventions for weight management and metabolic disorders, gut-brain-skin axis disruptions, perimenopausal symptoms and conditions, skin conditions, and autoimmune disease. She has also curated a course for practitioners to help them implement a more holistic science-based model of care in a way. Teaching and implementing nutritional interventions based on real and objective science is what differentiates Dr Agnes’ approach and produces sustainable results.

More about Dr Agnes

Empowered through Education

Knowledge is the key to success.

Through video guidance you will learn about:

  • The true causes of your symptoms and how to address them. 
  • Pros and cons of popular diets.
  • Foods and dietary techniques for your physiology and goals.
  • How to identify food intolerances and safely reintroduce foods.
  • How to determine your carbohydrate tolerance
  • Precision nutrition, biological trackers and tests.
  • My Alai™ Multisystem Support.
  • And much more...

See Frequently Asked Questions below for more details on what's included in your program.

Empowered to Take Control

Address your unique physiology

Sign up for your Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutritional Plan and you will be taking control of your health for life. The comprehensive plan includes food lists, meals plans, and dietary techniques based on your age, the type of inflammatory process that underlies your symptoms, your hormonal and metabolic state, and your weight and health goals.  Each Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutrition Plan comes with the complete Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutrition Program, an online program with comprehensive educational information and video guidance by Dr Agnes. Learn how foods interact with the microbiome and epigenome to influence all aspects of health. 

Empowered to Advocate

Become your own health advocate.

Our body communicates with us every day through symptoms and feelings, so the most valuable health tool you have is you.  Your ability to identify what your body is telling you and knowing what to do about it is the key to managing your health for years to come. This is why we encourage autonomy and a self-directed approach - which means empowering yourself with the knowledge and tools to adjust your own health plan as your body changes and knowing when to seek help. This is what you’ll learn through the extensive video guidance that comes with your Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutrition Program. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. Empower yourself with the tools for lifelong health. 

Scroll down for detailed information on what's included in the Bio-Alai®
Personalised Nutrition Program.

Our Happy Clients

My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos

Before & after photos

My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos
My Alai Multisystem Support before & after photos

If you're no longer interested in fad diets and are ready to take control and restore health at its foundations, a Bio-Alai® Personalised Nutrition Plan will provide the framework for sustained health. It is the only plan you'll ever need.

The Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Program

Your Bio-Alai Personalised Nutritional Plan is a manual that includes detailed information on how to use food as a therapeutic tool with clear instructions on.what to eat, when and how to eat to achieve your goals. Each plan comes with access to the Bio-Alai Personalised Nutritional Program.

Frequently Asked Questions